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ΕΝΙΑΙΟΣ ΦΟΡΕΑΣ ΕΞΩΔΙΚΗΣ ΕΠΙΛΥΣΗΣ ΔΙΑΦΟΡΩΝ ΧΡΗΜΑΤΟΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΚΗΣ ΦΥΣΗΣ Γραφείο Χρηματοοικονομικού Επιτρόπου ΕΝΗΜΕΡΩΤΙΚΟ ΣΗΜΕΙΩΜΑ ΠΡΟΣ ΔΑΝΕΙΟΛΗΠΤΕΣ ΚΑΤΑΝΑΛΩΤΕΣ (ΕΣ/ΧΡ.ΕΠ/1/2015) Παύλος Θ. Ιωάννου, Χρηματοοικονομικός Επίτροπος Το Κυπριακό νομικό πλαίσιο και ο υπολογισμός του τόκου στη βάση των 360 ημερών αντί στη βάση των 365 ή 366 ημερών Α. ΕΙΣΑΓΩΓΗ: 1. Διαπιστώνεται ότι σε αριθμό δανειακών συμβάσεων και άλλων πιστωτικών...
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Traffic Accidents – what you should know Traffic accidents are an everyday phenomenon. The innocent party is entitled to seek to recover from the liable person, uninsured losses for physical damage and to claim compensation for any personal injuries which have occurred as a result of the accident. Insurance companies often approach the innocent party,...
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Loans in foreign currency – what you should know Loans denominated in a foreign currency are akin to mercantile financial services relating to the buying and selling of foreign currency, because the monthly repayment instalments due are calculated, each time, on the basis of the selling rate of exchange for the currency applied by the...
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Every employee should know that besides their duties towards their employer, they have rights which correspond to the employer’s duty to provide a safe workplace, to establish a safe working system and to maintain safe working equipment. If during at work, you have an accident which you think is the result of a fault of...
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