Company Law

Company law has undertaken a whole new dimension with the entrance of Cyprus in the European Union and the need to adapt to the new legislations and regulations. Our firm has a strong background of dealings with company law in providing guidelines in the mechanisms that exist to ensure directors' accountability as well as in the

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Banking Law & Finance

With years of expertise in the area and a diverse client base ranging from private and public corporations, to lenders and stockbrokers, we provide our clients with advice and guidance on banking and finance transactions, whilst giving a clear understanding of all their options, to enable them to make informed decisions. Banking Law

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Shipping Law

Shipping Law can fall into a number of categories from disputes about damage to cargo, to charter party disputes, bill of lading and contractual issues. Our lawyers are well trained and skilled in dealing with any concern that might arise and in advising for any new updates and developments in legislation. Especially in Cyprus an

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Law of Contract

One of the most used areas of law is Contract Law. It is the area of law that keeps the world moving. With many issues to consider our firm will be ready to fill the gaps and ensure that your interests will be fully covered. Contract law is usually applicable in any dispute that might arise and can be linked with any other area of

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Law of Torts

The law of Torts is described in one word as duties. Duties that people hold towards others and especially civil duties including the duty of care. Once a certain relationship has been established either based on business transaction either based on an expected behavior a duty of care will arise. Lawyers will need to prove the kind of

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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law is a very specific area of law referring to copyright, trademark and patent issues. An area requiring extreme caution with any sort of dealings our lawyers will deal with the utmost care and analyze all technical areas. Especially in our era when the technology has advanced so much intellectual property is a

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Legal books #15

European Union Law

An area of utmost importance for which our team of lawyers is always ready to provide the most recent developments and guide you through the newly formed legislations that you are expected to abide by. As a recent member of the European Union Cyprus is yet to face many changes in all sectors and the enforcement of the correct

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Immigration Law

This is an area of law of particular interest in Cyprus as is an island with a high number of immigrants. This area of law does not only refer to the immigrants themselves but also to the treatment of immigrants and the duties the citizens have towards the immigrants. Immigration law will firstly provide all the useful guidelines

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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law may include issues such as property deeds, real estate warranties, easement disputes, property taxes and issues related to buying and selling real estate. Our lawyers can provide you with the correct guidance and ensure that you will receive the best possible result with any concern that might arise. Real estate does

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International Trade Law

With the entrance of Cyprus in the European Union international trade law has gained a new meaning. We no longer are free to regulate trade but rather trade is regulated by certain directives enforced by the European Union. It is very important to be informed about the different directives that are in placed and this is not limited to

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Family Law

Family Law covers a vast area of disputes from divorces, to child custody, adoption and guardianship. Our firm thinks first and foremost of the individuals involved giving a more humanitarian perspective preferring to use litigation as a solution of last resort and rather mediate for a solution. It is an area of law of particular

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Administrative Law

This is an area of law dealing with the actions and duties of the government and its administrative agencies. It provides checks and balances for any decision making process and can question the eligibility and jurisdiction of public actions. Citizens often raise disputes against public bodies when they feel that they have been

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Civil Litigation & Arbitration

Our firm aims at what is best for our clients. Hence litigation will not be sought till all other alternative dispute resolutions have been exhausted. But once litigation will be sought be assured that our lawyers encompass the skill and knowledge required and expected to achieve a successful outcome. Civil litigation refers to

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Professional Approach

Welcome to MELAS & ASSOCIATES LLC. The firm is dedicated to providing excellent legal services to businesses and individuals. We strive to achieve the best possible result for our clients

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Our principles

The mission of COSTAS MELAS & ASSOCIATES LLC is to provide high quality legal services with integrity, professionalism and respect for our clients and the community. In doing this, we enjoy and strive for

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Our Clients

Our clients are not limited to either companies or individuals. Rather we have a vast client network ranging from individuals with personal affairs to accounting firms, banks, multinational and national firms.

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High Profile Cases

MELAS & ASSOCIATES LLC. has been involved in many high profile cases, that have led to the change of Cyprus law. Through our hard work, we influenced the development of the legal system in Cyprus.

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Our Team

  • Costas Melas Founder & Director, Member of the Cyprus Bar Association

    Mr. Melas is the Founder and Director of the firm Costas Melas & Associates LLC. With an experience of over 35 years, he is a well known and respected persona of the law society. With a continuous involvement in a range of cases, his expertise touches upon all fields of law. He held a number of positions in the Cyprus bar Association, and is an active member of the International Association of Human Rights.

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  • Rona Hadjiarapis Member of the Cyprus Bar Association

    Mrs. Rona Hadjiarapis is one of our most experienced lawyers, with excellent litigation skills. With over 25 years of practice she is considered to be one of the most qualified lawyers in the area of contract and commercial law.

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