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Traffic Accidents – what you should know

Traffic Accidents – what you should know

Traffic accidents are an everyday phenomenon.

The innocent party is entitled to seek to recover from the liable person, uninsured losses for physical damage and to claim compensation for any personal injuries which have occurred as a result of the accident.

Insurance companies often approach the innocent party, right after the accident, to offer a lump sum and settle the case out of court. The innocent party, who may not know exactly the amount of compensation which rightly corresponds to the damage they have sustained, or who may be apprehensive of a lengthy litigation at court, very often accept to settle the case for well undervalued proposals.

In all accidents, drivers should inform their own insurance company and call the police to come at the scene of the accident to make sketches of the vehicles involved and take photographs.

If any personal injury is caused to any of the persons involved in the accident, an ambulance should be called immediately to drive the injured at a hospital.

Our law office deals with many cases of traffic accidents and handles all steps of the way of a case to the court, including making oral and written representations to insurance companies. After the settlement of the case either in or out of court, we undertake to collect all advances of compensation from all liable parties on behalf of the client and safeguard it until collected by the client.

In all cases we make efforts to make out of court settlements on behalf of our client with great success. Where, however, there is a serious dispute about liability or where the compensation offered to our client is low in comparison with the loss and injuries sustained or with the standards set by case law, the case is pursued in court.

The right to file a civil action is subject to a limitation period of three years from the date of the accident.

Where the accident involves a non-registered vehicle or a vehicle of unknown identity as to its owner or an uninsured vehicle, the Motor Insurers’ Fund (MIF) of Cyprus is liable to compensate the innocent party for their loss and injuries. Our law office handles the whole relevant claim procedure.

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