Our clients are not limited to either companies or individuals. Rather we have a vast client network ranging from individuals with personal affairs to accounting firms, banks, multinational and national firms. Hence, the issues we are asked to deal with also vary in accordance with the particular client and circumstances. Thus, every client is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Personal Affairs
Personal affairs include a number of matters an individual might seek our help for such as family disputes, property disputes, compensation for either economic or physical damage, personal disputes in the workforce. As such our firm’s expertise has increased considerably due to the variety of areas of law it was asked to deal with.

Business Affairs
An area demanding utmost professionalism and proficiency, with our clients seeking to protect not only personal interests, but on a wider scope, the interests of an entire workforce. Many issues are at stake and usually the disputes include large sums of money and the clients will always seek the advice of law firms that can be trusted to achieve the best outcome. Our firm has dealt with a number of such cases including multinational companies against national companies, multinational companies against banks, and national firms in need to abide by the European legislations.