The law of Torts is described in one word as duties. Duties that people hold towards others and especially civil duties including the duty of care. Once a certain relationship has been established either based on business transaction either based on an expected behavior a duty of care will arise. Lawyers will need to prove the kind of relationship that existed among the parties in order to show whether a duty of care was actually in existence.

We all have certain duties that most of the time we are even unaware of. For example you have a duty of care towards any visitor and in some cases even towards trespassers that enter your property. In order to minimize the breach and be aware of your duties it is advisable that legal advice should be sought even if a dispute has not arisen in order to have a clear picture of your vested duties towards others.

Most disputes often arise either in medical negligence cases where doctors are accused of breaching their duty of care towards patients or in the work area where employers breach their duty of care towards their employees.

Our firm has undertaken with success a number of cases involving different areas of torts including medical negligence cases, disputes among civilians and torts in the work area.