This is an area of law of particular interest in Cyprus as is an island with a high number of immigrants. This area of law does not only refer to the immigrants themselves but also to the treatment of immigrants and the duties the citizens have towards the immigrants.

Immigration law will firstly provide all the useful guidelines needed for one to ensure that no illegal immigration has taken place. Once that has been dealt with then there are a number of rights that an immigrant can enjoy but also a number of duties and responsibilities he has to abide by. Legal advice should be sought in order to ensure that all legal information is known. Usually immigrants will have queries on whether they can work, how much should there wage be, on their eligibility of becoming citizens of the country. In some cases there are also family matters involved in case their family is abroad and they want to immigrate as well or there are also issues with their visas.

As mentioned above however, citizens also have duties towards the immigrants in terms of the way immigrants are treated and in terms of employment. There are many cases when immigrants are illegally employed and employers find themselves charged. Hence in order to have a clear picture make sure that you are aware of what is legal and what is not, what is permitted and what is not. Our firm is here to help you with any concerns in terms of immigration law.