Family Law covers a vast area of disputes from divorces, to child custody, adoption and guardianship. Our firm thinks first and foremost of the individuals involved giving a more humanitarian perspective preferring to use litigation as a solution of last resort and rather mediate for a solution.

It is an area of law of particular sensitivity and the law practitioners should treat any issues with the expected concern and understanding. Strong feeling will be involved and irrational actions might be demanded by clients but the practitioner should have the expertise and professionalism to advice otherwise. Practitioners as third parties will have the psychological strength and state of mind to consider the issue as a whole and decide on how to proceed for the best outcome. Balanced advices should be given that will not lead to additional and unnecessary suffering and especially when minors are involved.

Each society has its own sets of ethics and morals and diversity should be respected. We aim to listen to our clients and respect any demands that may arise due to different national backgrounds, religious backgrounds and any other specific requirements.