An area of utmost importance for which our team of lawyers is always ready to provide the most recent developments and guide you through the newly formed legislations that you are expected to abide by.

As a recent member of the European Union Cyprus is yet to face many changes in all sectors and the enforcement of the correct legislation should be ensured. Many people have the wrong idea that the European Union has a unique jurisdictional system whereas this is not true. Member states need to abide by certain common regulations and directives but how the legal system will choose to enforce the new laws and how it will choose to act upon them is up to each Member State to decide. What is common is the legal protection that all Member States need to provide to every single European citizen with a common court to inspect their actions that being the European Court of Justice.

Hence, European Union Law refers to all citizens and every sector of life from family matters, to business matters, traveling to even respect for human rights. It touches upon everything and affects both individuals and corporations.