With years of expertise in the area and a diverse client base ranging from private and public corporations, to lenders and stockbrokers, we provide our clients with advice and guidance on banking and finance transactions, whilst giving a clear understanding of all their options, to enable them to make informed decisions.

Banking Law does not necessarily refer only to banks and financial institutions. Individuals who have dealings with such institutions need to be informed about the duties that these institutions have towards them but also the duties clients have towards the institutions. Corporate insolvency, international transactions and electronic banking, are only some of the categories that are regulated by banking law.

New developments in the area of banking law are introduced daily that can affect both the institutions and their clients. Without the correct legal advice major risks can lie behind every decision and action. Especially in banking dealings where the life savings of individuals can be lost within seconds and the economy of a nation can be irreversibly affected legal advice and guidance is essential. Risks can be prevented, major loses can be prevented and trust reestablish among clients and the institutions. Trust is the key word here. You can trust us that we shall ensure the continuance of trust in all your dealings.